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MKT 200 - Principles of Marketing: Gary Vetter: Find Articles & Films

Where Do I Find Articles?

The best place to find business articles is to search the library's Databases For Business & Economics. They contain magazines, journals, newspapers, reference books, video files, audio files, and podcasts. 

Kirtland librarians recommend starting with:


Searching a database is a little different than using a search engine.  This guide provides tips to help save time and make your search more productive:


*You will need to use your Single Sign-On user name and password to access the library's databases.

Databases for Newspapers

The library's Newspapers databases allow you to read newspaper articles from around the state, nation, and world.  Unlike the open web, full text articles can be found without subscribing or paying additional fees.  Search for articles about a certain topic, or view the articles from a particular publication such as

*These and many other papers are available with your single sign-on access to the library's databases.

Wall Street Journal

Popular Papers - Websites


The web sites of these publications provide current news and editorials about the latest business trends. 

Back issues of these periodicals are available for check out in the Kirtland Library.

Films on Demand



When you search for a term you will see results for full videos, segments, and series.  Using options on the right you can narrow your results by date, type of film, or subject. 

You can also browse titles by choosing the Subject Index  from the menu at the upper left of the page.  You can then choose Business & Economics or limit your results to marketing or to a subcategory of marketing.  Sample titles include:

  • Finding Your Customers: Marketing and Advertising Your Business
  • Internet Shopping: Interactive or Invasive?
  • Marketing: Secrets of Branding
  • The Industry Leaders and Online Strategy

Many titles provide transcripts (look at the tabs in the box to the right) which can be helpful when citing. Some also allow searching within a transcript to more easily find relevant information, however you need to scroll through the transcript to look for highlighted terms.  It does not automatically skip to them.

*You will need to use your Single Sign-On user name and password to access the Library's databases.