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BIO 118 - Evolution & Ecology for STEM Majors: Find Books

Resources guide for Evolution, Ecology, & Diversity

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John A. Endler Theory of Natural Selection as a Driver of Evolution Endler's Guppy (Aquarists)
David Reznick Trinidadian guppies  
Joseph Grinnell Concept of Niche and Resource Partitioning Grinnellian Niche
Charles Elton   Eltonian Niche
G. Evelyn Hutchinson   Hutchinsonian Niche
Joseph Connell Importance of Keystones  
Robert Paine Starfish Pisaster Grey Wolf
Robert MacArthur Warblers  
W. J. Ripple Wolf reintroduction in Yellowstone National Park  

R. L. Bescht

J. W. Laundre    
L. Hernandez    
K. B. Attendorf    

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The Return of the Wolf to Yellowstone
Careers Outdoors

Call Numbers from the Kirtland Catalog

The Library of Congress designates the following call numbers that may be related to your project:


Q  7 Animal Life Encyclopedia   Volumes 1-16

QH  361, 366

QL 151 - 737

QL 618.2


QH 541 - 543