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Navigate - Academic Progress

Provides information on attendance criteria and how to create an Early Alert and Progress Report.

Progress Report Campaigns

What is a Progress Report Campaign?

When a Progress Report Campaign is initiated, you will receive a request notification email from the Vice President of Instructional Services. This email includes a direct link to the screen where you can enter your feedback. This link expires on the date listed in the email. After this date, the campaign is over and you will no longer be able to complete your feedback. Be sure to complete your student feedback on or before this date.

Entering Student Feedback

Click on the link in the request notification email to view the Student Feedback screen and start entering your feedback.

Mark a student At-Risk if the student is struggling academically your class. Select one or more Alert Reasons from the drop-down menu.

It is best to include as much information as possible, especially in your comments addressed to the student. The more detailed feedback you include, the easier it will be to get the student the help they need. 

During a Progress Report Campaign, enter the current grade for ALL students.

Submitting Feedback

1. Submit only marked students (but I'm not done).

This option allows you to submit only the students you have marked on the report. This can be very helpful if you only have time to fill out part of the feedback form. Instead of leaving the form pulled up on your computer, you can submit your completed work and return and finish later by clicking the link in the request notification email.

2. Submit unmarked students as not At-Risk (I'm all done). After you've entered all your feedback and marked certain students at-risk, you can use this option to mark the remaining students as not at-risk and complete your feedback.